New Sunglasses

Now that I drive daily from Damansara to KLCC, I find that I really need to get a good pair of sunglasses. Previously, I drove mostly at night – late night yumcha sessions or clubbing nights out with the girls – so I didn’t really need it. I have one currently but its a bit scratched so its not all the comfortable to use.

I’ve read that for my kind of face (the chubby rounded type), I should use square-ish sunglasses. That means none of that huge round aviators (I don’t really like em anyway) because it will make your face look rounder.

I personally have a thing for wraparounds – the type of sporty looking sunglasses that wrap around your face. Some thing like this one from Oakley :

Nice yea? I’ve been trying many many pairs now but still have yet to find the right one. Guess I have to shop around more then.

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