Nokia Music Explorer : Covers

Missed last week’s recommendations coz was outstation in Sabah, so here are 4 songs this week. The theme is Covers :D

1. Buses & Trains (cover) – Nikki Gil
Nikki Gil is a singer from the Philippines that has an album of covers of songs. Her voice is smooth and her energy in upbeat. She has another album of Tagalog songs… (but i downloaded it anyway).

2. Smooth (Santana Cover) – Escape the Fate
This song is frm the album "Punk Goes Pop Vol 2" and this cover is one of my favs in the album. Think Smooth with a more rock-ish vibe. Love love love! Download the whole album while you’re at it :P

3. Ayo Technology (Cover) – Milow
I first heard this in youtube – quite a sexy vid if i may say – and a great cover. Almost sounds like an Unplugged version of the original. Sexy vocals from Milow

4.Me & Mrs Jones – Michael Buble
There have been many-many covers of this song, but I still like Michael Buble’s version. Reminds me of lounge-y music, black piano and ballrooms. Great for mellow days


* All songs featured in the Nokia Music Explorer posts are available for download on the Nokia Ovi Music store via the Nokia X6 Comes With Music. To learn more, check out their facebook at *

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