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Not outta the woods yet :(

Its the end of my exams oredi *yey* but I’m not out of the woods yet. Annoyingly, I still have to go to campus today and tomorrow. Why? Coz I have a presentation to show screenshots of how my final project is supposed to look like. So today, Im supposed to show a draft of how my presentation slides will look like because the project supervisor wants to review it and make additions if necessary. Then tomorrow is the actual presentation.

I have all the screenshots already, just need to put it nicely in a powerpoint and type out a few words of explanation. What a bloody waste of time it is to go to cyberjaya today just to review my slides. *sigh*

Here’s how my index page looks like :D The interface is all finished, now i only need to get the PHP & Database coding done.

Thanks soo much to Munak for helping! I is liking u!

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