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Of books, snooker and a Guinness party

This month Im really really short of money. Not really sure what exactly I spent it on, but must be coz of all the outings this month. Cant wait for my “gaji” to masuk account so that I have something to live on, if not, hv to pinjam moneylah. Cant ask money from my parents due to very obvious reasons.

Anyway, last nite we came back quite late, around 5.30 am after lepaking in Devi’s Bangsar, until we kena halau. Had lots of laughs over our childhood memories of toys & TV shows particularly Sesame Street – Grouch, Snufflafagus (i think i spelled it wrong), Elmo, “the letter of the day is F…*starts singing*…F…F…F….F!!!”. Hilarious! Even more so when it’s dubbed into BM. Laughed about doing silly stuff with remote control cars, toy guns, a digital camera and an empty street. Also cooked up a new nickname for Nick.

This afternoon had lunch with Carmen and Nick at Uncle Lim’s, Ikano (P was supposed to come, but he tertido until evening). The 3 of us ate rm41.50 worth of food – 2 porridges, 1 nasi lemak, 2 half boiled eggs, 1 roti bakar, 1 otak-otak & 3 drinks. Then went to Borders, Nick bought his Linkin Park book about their Meteora world tour (did i get it right?). After dat went to Starbucks – didnt bring laptop coz my dad left it at the office – reading Icewind Dale Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. The game Icewind Dale is based on this book. Its a really really thick book, didnt get to finish it.

Around 5-6pm P came along and lepak around there in starbucks before deciding to go to Arena to play snooker. I’ve never played snooker – am better at pool – so i gave it a try. So hard to adjust to a bigger table – i think i need lots and lots more practise. It was a fun game lah. Played for about an hour. The guys keep bullying me coz I was kinda blur (due to lack of sleep) and there was no Erin to bully this time. Then we went to Kpg Pandan for a late late late dinner/supper.

Come to think of it, I’ve been seeing Nick and P on a daily basis. Erin asked “dont you ever get bored of each other?” I dont think so. Its fun, sometimes nothing to do at home, so just keluar lepak la.

Guinness Code : Black the Rising

Date : 21 January 2006
Time : 8 pm
Venue : Zouk

Events & DJs
Awaken @ The Loft – Kenny K & Michelle Nunis

Discover @ Velvet Underground – Jungle Jerry, Gabriel, Rabbit, Stickman

Celebrate @ Zouk Mainroom – Nesh vs. Fuzz, MC Moots vs. MC James

I currently have 2 free passes to the party this saturday – got it coz i registered at the website. Erin & Pam in KK, Cass i think busy here and there. Lian? Laila? Who else wana go ahh?? Please contact me ASAP.

(if not then mayb I wont go, coz I’ll be alone)

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