Of classes, stories & pizza hut

Been so tired lately. Havent been online for 2 days (yes that is pretty long for someone like me)
and havent been updating regularly (no Joe, im not pemalas, juz tired). My classes arent that hectic, like i have an average of 4-6 hrs of class per day (excluding Fridays & weekends). Its just that the bus schedule doesnt suit my time. Most of my classes start at 12, meaning i have to take the 8 am bus to uni and either take the 3pm or 6pm back. Depending on the time i finish class.

I was so tired yesterday that i came back and slept straight-away…from 7 pm. and got up this morning at 9am. I probably need some time to get used to it.


I mentioned that i bought books earlier but i didnt mention what bookstore. Its PayLessBooks – they sell really cheap 2nd hand books but the books are all in good condition with no scribbles. I’ve started reading “The Runaway Jury” and found it engrossing, im already 1/3 through :D

John Grisham’s style of writing is quite interesting, not too descriptive but manages to portray emotions and the story in a such a way that I was able to picture the scene in my mind. Planing of buying more of his books once im done with the 5 books i bought the other day :P

…pizza hut…

I semangatly wanted to eat Pizza Hut for dinner today so my mom asked me to call for delivery and it turned out that they don’t deliver to my area. So sad :(

Speaking of deliveries, my friend (Rinning) made this prank on Pizza Haven – a pizza place in Miri Sarawak…hahaha

“One day while sitting in Mc Donald’s with Darren, Ken and Joannes, Darren pulled out a TMTOUCH SIM card.. Apparently, he found it on the road, that’s what he said lar.. We tried it in my phone and found out it was a registered line.. Wah apa lagi, we took turns calling our friends and loved ones all across Europe. From Australia to UK to Canada..

Evantually, we got bored of calling. Joannes decided to prank Pizza Haven cause he hated the pizzas there. We dialed them up and ordered about RM300 plus worth of pizza’s to be delivered to an unknown address somewhere in Pujut. Somehow they were suspicious of our orders but Joe managed to persuade em in his adult voice that we were rich customers haha..

In the end, the poor delivery man tried his best to look for the house in Pujut with the lot number 176 and red Lamborghini parked outside. Surprisingly, he did and he called us telling us that he was outside..

Pizza delivery man: Hey, I’m outside here where are you now? Your bill is…..

Joe: Where where? I don’t see you. Can’t you see my car? Its the red Lambo parked outside..

Pizza man: What Lambo? There’s no Lambo here..

Joe: You got the wrong house la, theres a red Ferarri here..

Pizza: Red Ferarri? I thought you said red Lambo?

Joe: Oops..

Toot toot toot.. Joe hung up..

We were laughing our asses off so hard cause we never knew the pizza’s would actually be delivered.. Not if you order enough pizza’s to feed a party..

The whole afternoon, the entire staff of Pizza Haven was trying to call us non-stop.. After like 40 calls, I think they gave up and knew they got pranked. I wonder what they did with the pizzas..

Anyways, the next day we found out the SIMcard had been blocked, most probably by its owner. Our 3 days of fun, was over. We realised that when we were having lunch in Sugarbun @ Boulevard. While making a call, the line suddenly went dead. Knowing that I couldn’t do anymore with that card, I dropped it into the tomato sauce bottle on the table so beware guys, one of the bottles in Sugarbun has a SIMcard inside haha..

Nah, don’t worry. That was 2 years ago, I think some guy ate it up already..

Call us mean, call me mean, hell its nice being naughty, once in a while..

Try call Pizza Haven and make a home delivery, this time they’ll ask for your IC and house number hehe.”

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  • Batrisya88

    So norty aa u Ah Girl….

    ermm i’m wondering why they don’t delivere to your house..

    *coz they can send it to my house..Mutiara-Kota -vely near hoooooo hehhehe :-)*

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