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Of Coffee Beans and mamak stalls

*I actually wrote this post some time ago but it dissapeared. Then the 2nd time i wrote it, my internet connection in the uni died on me. The 3rd time i wrote it offline, i was almost finished then my PC hanged and i lost most of it. Now i know how he feels when his post is always lost*

I went out with a few online friends yesterday (Saturday). First I met up with Zam (leri) at Low Yat. I’ve met Zam before for lunch at KLCC and he’s a nice guy and very good in this IT/Computer things so i brought him to help me look around for HDs & DVD Burners. But then my dad said he’s getting my cuzzie to get it from me so I met leri thr and decided to just walk around

Then Al Reiko (yes that’s his real name) called saying that Hafiz (who’s staying in UK but is in KL for the week) and him were in Lot 10 so the 4 of us went to the Coffee Bean nearby for some drinks. I had my usual – The Ultimate ice blended – and hafiz paid for our drinks.

We had a fun time laughing and talking till it was around 10pm. We decided to go to “the best nasi lemak in KL” (which i forgot whr) and took the monorail there. Leri had to go take his car from KLCC tho. We had our dinner/supper thr. Im not a big nasi lemak fan but the rice was really “lemak” tho the sambal was just mediacore. The beef rendang was yummy and really pedas.

Then i had my first ota-ota (sp?). Its some fish thingy wrapped in some leaves and grilled. It was really yummy, between the 4 of us, we bantai 20 pieces. Its gelatin-like and like reddish.

After that we went cruising around KL to look at the sights and sounds in Leri’s car. Hafiz has not been back for the past 12 years or so so we pusing pusing around KL. We also stopped by in Concorde Hotel- where Hafiz was staying – because he wanted to make an international phone call back home to his wifey.

Concorde is a really nice hotel. There was this indian couple having their wedding dinner and everyone was wearing so nice lah, gowns, suits, sarees with glittery jewels. We saw a Ferrari parking outside Concorde and someone cracked this joke about ferileri/feleri coz Leri was ferrying us around.

Then went to Mydina restaurant near KLCC (JLn Pinang i think) sat and chit chatted somemore. Cracked lots of jokes – particularly about stuff and people in the chat room. Left at around 2.30am, sent Hafiz & reiko back to Concorde, got stuck in a jam twice in KL (road block & accident) and got back at 3.30am.

Got locked out…so had to sms my dad to open the door. Lucky he was too sleepy to get angry.

Alreiko and I @ Mydina- taken with the newest Seimans (sp?) hp

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