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One day before…….

One day before… birthday and it seems like any other day. I usually feel happy & estatic when my birthday is around the corner to be able to go out and celebrate it with my friends. The past few years have been great…celebrating with ppl in KK in a BIG birthday bash at my hse…with scrumptious food which my mom & i would laboursly (sp) prepare for the whole day. I kind of enjoy those kinda parties…hanging around with my friends and having lots of them over. Then chillin in places like Coffee Bean or at the beach at nites :)

Looks like I’m only having dinner wif my parents and andre who is coming over tomolo. Andre’s coming over tomolo nite until the 30th & she’s going to stay in my hse. So I guess it’ll be fun except I dont kno wat she’ll do when I go to class…eheh…just ask her to play computer or watch TV la i guess. Sorry andre (-_-;)

Speaking of class…my one and only class wuz cancelled today. So frustrating….took like 30 mins to get there….then waited and didnt see my classmates for the next 10 mins den went to look for my lecturer and she wuz in her room…she informed the class yesterday apparently….and I naturally didnt kno coz i have no classes that day. Sheesh….now i wonder if i have class tomorrow morning :S

Oh yeah…i ate something interesting today – Dragon fruit! I first ate it last semester when a group of China students in my hostel offered it to us…it has a mild sweet taste. And to eat it you gotta cut of the ends den cut it. The white part has lil black seeds like in kiwis. You dont eat the red skin. The flesh (white) comes out easily from the skin so u can juz pull it off. Heheh..wuz bored so took a pic :P

Doesn’t really look much like a “dragon” does it???

All cut up

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