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open hses and slipar putus

Open Hse
I went to a friend’s hse (a not really close fren actually) for an open hse. I was told that baju kurungs were greatly encouraged or at least something formal. Sids & Andre picked me and my sis up and said that her house was in Sg Buloh. Well apparently she (the host of the open hse) was a anak datuk and was staying in Sierramas (sp?) Perggh…rich kid!

Slipar putus
After the open hse, the four of us planned to meet up with Fudu at OU to watch movie. Just as we were entering the shopping mall, my sandals putus. Malunye! lucky no one was there. So I had to use a rubberband to ubahsuaikan it..then went to Vincci to buy new shoes.

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