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Oysters Galore

Imagine if oysters produced more than just gorgeous, valuable pearls and luscious, succulent flesh. For example if the shells of the oysters could be put to good use such as charcoal. Then we wouldn’t be throwing anything away.


I’m not a huge fan of raw oysters but when were in Phuket, Aree ordered half a dozen of them during our indulgence dinner because it was only 45baht (rm 4.50) each. They were huge! As big as your palm. They served it sweet, sour chili and fried onions. Just mix it up in the shell and slurp it all. Yummy!

Anyway, I came across this website which gave important information about oysters. Specifically Vibrio vulnificus which is a gram-negative bacterium that occurs naturally in warm, unpolluted seawater which can be transmitted through eating Gulf oysters.

According to the website, “Vibrio vulnificus infection can cause severe illness (primary septicemia and septic shock). Although Vibrio vulnificus related infections are treatable with a regimen of antibiotics and supportive care, without prompt medical attention the health of infected patients can deteriorate rapidly. The result of which can be a greater than 50% mortality rate.”

But don’t worry. Healthy people have no risk while eating raw oysters. Its only people who have any illness or medical conditions that weakens the body’s immune system for example liver disease, iron overload disease, diabetics, cancer and stomach disorders.

So continue enjoying your oysters!

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