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    Win 50+ prizes by nominating your favourite female brands for worthy book

    We all have out favourite restaurants, hotels, lepak places, etc but one that is always important for every woman is her favourite female-centric brand – be it her holy grail of products or her sanctuary to pamper herself. Well Worthy Book (you know, that booklet of coupons that I blogged about 2 years ago – the one that gives you great savings all year around without having to wait for group buying sites) now has this super easy contest to win free stuff!

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    Blindfolded at the pizza hut Cheesy 7 tasting party

    I’ve always had fond memories of Pizza Hut, even back when I was in East Malaysia. I had this friend who would pour cheese all over her pizza and even into the soup! I think she would have gone to Pizza Hut a lot last year because as you may remember, last year they introduced the Ultimate Cheesy 7 pizza with Romano, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, Provolone, Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese topped with balls of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Well this year, due to popular demand from the fans, its coming back! And it promises to be even better! How? Well, firstly, a few bloggers and I were invited to a Cheesy…

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    Review : Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub

    I like to go for massages.  The hours hunched in front of the computer always gives me back and neck aches so it’s a relief when someone kneads your muscles and unknots all the “kinks”. Unfortunately one does not have the time, or the money, to go all the time for massages because massage spas close early and I used to get off work quite late. However, I recently got the opportunity to try out Tiger Balm’s new product that was specially formulated to provide relief for neck and shoulder pains. No, its not the balm in glass pots and metal cover that many moms (especially Chinese ones) have in…

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    I don’t talk politics. Here’s why.

    My opinions (shallow and ignorant as they are) below: 1) Being rational – I think people can’t talk rationally about subjects like politics and religion. I can never have a point of view that differs yours. eg: My choice to NOT discuss politics makes me "stupid, ignorant, unpatriotic, etc" 2) Couch activism – Often we complain, and discuss things the state of the nation while sitting comfortably on our couches in our cozy homes. Or, another (simpler) example, we talk about how the less fortunate are so "kesian" but we don’t lift a finger to help, get on the ground, talk to them about it. Its much easier to be…

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    Tex Mex Buka Puasa Buffet at Frontera Jaya One

    I wasn’t exactly sure what the difference is between Mexican and Tex-Mex so I turned to wikipedia which said “”Tex-Mex” (combination of Texan and Mexican) is a term describing a regional American cuisine that blends food products available in the United States and the culinary creations of Mexican-Americans influenced by Mexican cuisine.” Alright, bring on the tacos, meat, beans and cheese! Anyway, one of my favourite places to eat Tex-Mex food is Frontera Sol Of Mexico in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. I particularly like their Taco Tuesday promotions (all you can eat tacos for one price) and they are also known for their Margaritas (if you’re the drinking type). **…