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Pangkor Trip – Day 1

Be prepared for a series of long posts full of pictures. This is my third attempt to write this post coz my connection sucks and I got no autosave! boo hoo :(


Everyone was excited and psyched up for this trip. It was going to be our first trip together as friends (+ one couple). We planned to go on Friday, most of us who had classes had to skip them because our bus was at 1.30pm and we didn’t want to take the ferry at night.

So Aree slept over the night before actually she only came at 4am after goin out drinking with friends coz Taufan was going to pick up at at 11am which he was late by 15-20 mins to go to Kelana Jaya. We met up with Pam who was pissed coz we were late and Jef at KJ then proceeded to go to Pasar Seni. Met up with Ariff & Azrai Lychee Arai who were actually just one train behind us. Then we walked to Puduraya. Yes walked thru Central Market and Petaling Street (I still think Masjid Jamek would hv been a nearer stop) and met up with Nik there.

puduraya1 puduraya 2 puduraya2
At puduraya waiting for our bus

Proceeded to look for our bus platform, loaded up on snacks, drinks and reading material then we were off.The trip there was rather uneventful. Everyone was sleeping in the bus at one point or another. It was cold, luckily I brought my sweater. It was my first time riding an outstation bus – we took the Transnational and tickets were about RM40 to-and-fro and it was very comfortable.

bus1 bus2 bus3
Bus camwhoring sessions

We reached Lumut in the evening – I forgot the exact name of the station, oh well. Its right next to the jetty so we walked to the jetty and got on the ferry. We decided to sit at the back in the open air area to enjoy the breeze and of course take photos :P Upon arriving at Pangkor Island, we took a taxi – which was actually a van painted pink to our resort – Purnama Beach Resort.
feri1 van
On the ferry
We were then brought to our rooms. We had 2 huge rooms, one for all the boys and their snoring orchestra and one for us four girls which didnt really work out that way in the end. We then took a shower and freshen up, lepak for a bit then proceeded to the room for a round of drinks – I brought tequila, tuak & JD, playing board/card games – Catan & Bang, buat maksiat and other forms of substance abusing.

first nite1 first nite 2 first nite 3
Hanging out in the room

We couldn’t stay up all night coz we had to go snorkeling at 9am and breakfast was at 8am so I think we slept around 2-ish. I was assigned to wake everyone up the next morning. Its going to be a hard task…

Pics available HERE. To be continued…


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