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Panic Attack

I had a panic attack earlier. Mr T called me saying that I didn’t pass up my assignment. I knew I didn’t – almost never went for class either. In fact, I was fully prepared to repeat the module because I knew I didn’t perform well.

Then he said that I must pass up my assignment tomorrow before 5pm and after checking the assignment they will decide to pass me or not. Its a research report about 3d modeling in any industry of your choice. I have a soft copy of my friend’s work and she did something about 3d modeling in movies – particularly Transformers. It was 22 pages! Including pictures! How the hell am I supposed to do a 20 page report before 5pm tomorrow? The not great part is, when I realized that I won’t be able to complete the assignment before the end of the semester, i deleted my draft.

I canceled all my plans for the nite – was supposed to watch I am Legend at Cineleisure at 12.30am with the gang. Lucky for me, i got on MSN and met another classmate who didn’t send the work as well. And, the BEST part is, he said its minimum  5 pages, not 20 as I originally thought. Gave Mr T a ring for conformation and he said yes.

So now I’m staying up to finish a 5 page report on "3d Modelling in the Medical Field."

Oh, eventually I did go see the movie, went there and came back straight away – no lepak-ing after that. But more on that review later. And tonite (fri nite) im meeting the bebudak jwg. I wana go for shisha!


My deepest condolences to Beck@FendyZaidan and his family on the passing of his father early yesterday morning. May he rest in peace.

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