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Parents and clubbing

Sitting in the living room listening to the radio on the hi-fi,

Mom : Show me how u dance la in clubs
Me: huh?
mom : yala, u go clubbing, takkan la dont dance?
me : no i just sit at the bar and drink
mom : maybe one day I should just quietly go there and look for you
me: What?!? no need la!! (*screams in my mind* Oh for the love of God, NOOOO!!!)

In the car on the way to cyberjaya, mom was driving…

mom : so what do u usually drink when u go out clubbing?
Me : (*thinks* is this a trick question to get me to admit i actually drink or what?) well, uh, that depends…vodka lime or something with coke.
mom : Oh, next time u go out, try this 2 drinks. Cointreau+7up and Southern Comfort+Orange. Nice..not too much of a kick also, unless u drink alot

did i hear that right? my MOM giving suggestions for drinks???

A few nites ago….

After coming back at 2am and seeing my parents entertaining good friends of theirs, I went in and did all the “hello auntie, hello uncle” intro

me: wuah, drinking ahh? (after noticing a half finished bottle of JW black label on the table)
dad : yeah u want some?
me : huh? no lah (*thinks* what?!?!)
dad : aiya..just a bit la….
me : nolah, its ok *quickly escapes to my room*
my parents are getting weirder by the day…….(im not sure whether to be happy or worried….for now, im treading cautiously)


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