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Party @ Heritage

Pam, G and I decided to go party at Loft and Cynna at Heritage Row on Saturday night with Carl and her friends (J and gang). Kinda malas to write a full post so here are the pics and the summary.
– Had 2 bottles of black label.
– Music in Loft was house :( but Cynna played great R&B songs.
– Bumped into Adi+friends in Cynna.
– G got pissed drunk.
– Went to makan2 at the kedai mamak near my house.
– Balik, mandi, sleep.

pam,carl & g
Pam, Carl & Gladys before the drinks


Me, Carl & Pam with J
Me, Carl & Pam with J


pam & i
Pam & I (crappy hair laah)


pam & drunk G
Pam & G after the drinks


Jammed on the way back – biasalah kan


in toilet
Pam and I – my fave pic of the night

The night was just a so-so night. Nothing too fantastic about it. But Cynna’s R&B is good.

So how was your weekend?

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