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Partying, clubbing & driving

Been kinda busy lately. Had Nick’s ‘Pre-Christmas’ party on the 9th. Then had my driving theory test on the 14th. Had a LONG sms conv with *him* later during the nite (read prev post). Went clubbing on Thursday nite (15th) at Zouk with Orion. Went to watch King Kong with Incik amat and his boys on Fri nite. Went to the 3-hrs bengkel ‘talk’ for my driving this afternoon.

Nick’s party was a fun (hehe! thanks for the playing host Nick). At first i kinda of had some uneasiness because I’d be the eldest one there, so I plotted to drag Erin into the loop – even tho she was sick and tired. Anyway, I made lasagne (but it had a slight bitter aftertaste because I must have burnt over-melted the butter coz was in a rush) that evening bout an hour before he picked me up coz I was out with some friends that afternoon lepaking :P But everyone said it was yummy…esp Nick. Okay, next time i make more for you, minus the burnt aftertaste. LOL!

Anyway, we played “strip or shoot”…(im beginning to really like that game)…where you have to spin an arrow and – depending on where the arrow points – strip something from the waist up/down (watch, jewellry, shirts, ect) OR drink a shot of whatever ‘beverage’ was in the shot glass. The beverage that night was neat vodka shots – no lime, no salt, just straight up…burns ur throat and only hits after a few shots (or maybe one, depending on ur alcohol tolerance). That nite was fun because there were more people playing who were sporting.

Weird thing was, I kind of felt tipsy even tho I didnt take as much as the previous time we played the game. Most probably because I havent slept the night before and was out the whole day. Or maybe because I have been cutting down alot on my drinking lately. Anyway, his party ended at around 11pm-ish. Actually im not sure because I took a nap right after the game ended and people started going back. After my nap, I went out lepaking with some friends. Sorry left u behind Erin, tot u were sound asleep :P

The driving test the other day was okay lah. I passed it. Had to get up SO early to get there early la. But at least I made a new friend and taught her how to use the LRT (poor little rich kid). Hopefully can get everything settled in the next month or so. Not like I’m going to get my own wheels anytime soon but it’ll be so convienient. I can imagine si botak saying “ah, drive urself to mosin lah!” and incik amat asking, “Can pick me up? im lazy to drive” =P hehehe!

That night (thursday) at Zouk was a blast! I had such fun that I havent had in ages. I think the last time i went to Zouk was more than like 6 mths ago when Mag was around. Even tho it was juz the 2 of us, we went around 10 something and hung around the bar, watching the bartenders do what they do best – mixing cocktails – while trying to guess what each drink was. Had a Chivas on-the-rock. It was great dancing like for 2 hrs straight even tho I was wearing heels – bout 3 inches – and my thighs were tired after that as if i’d had an all nite sex marathon…haha. But it was great fun and we didnt get harassed by any guys – not that there were many cute guys in Zouk..there was alot of hot girls tho :P

After that we lepaked with si botak, incik amat & fren till someone was practically falling asleep at the mamak stall. haha! then we went back and found my sister still busy playing games on the PC. We ended up talking till morning while someone was trying to sleep because she had work the next day. LOL! She woke up a bit cranky and not in the right mind but she did get to work :P

Didnt sleep that day, went to Low yat to pick up a new keyboard and protective plastic sheet for my iPaq then went to watch King Kong. The show was nice….esp the part on the island. But the ending part was boring and predictable so I took time to take a nap. It was nice, all snuggled up in my sweater and the cinema was cold – really really cold – and i had a good rest. LOL! After that went back and went out again around 3.30 with si botak coz he was suddenly bored then came back in the morning and managed to FINALLY sleep at 8am after 2 days of not sleeping.

Woke up at 11 something in the morning to go for my bengkel talk – which started late (waste my time only wait so damn long) and the speaker had tons of lame jokes. Went back around 7pm, took a shower, then came to Ikano. After this going to lepak…then I want to go back home and sleep sleep sleep!! :P

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