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Paypal PowerUp Event Rude Email. WTF!

If you’re a paypal user in Malaysia, you would have been happy to know earlier this year that you could link your Maybank debit card to your Paypal account. In fact, I wrote a tutorial (click here to read) that proved useful for quite a lot of people.

A few months back, you must have been even happier to find out that you could withdraw Paypal funds to your Malaysian bank account for a minimal fee if its under RM400 and free if its over RM400.

A few days ago, you might felt surprised when you received the email below from Paypal inviting you to RSVP to the Paypal PowerUp Event – (afaik) the first ever event Paypal has organized for Malaysia. Finally Paypal has decided to acknowledge its Malaysian users – majority of which are bloggers/people who make money online.

paypal power up party

I personally RSVP when I got the email, then realized I would be outstation so I emailed them back and canceled my RSVP saying that I would NOT be able to make it.

Then yesterday I was annoyed to get an email from Paypal about their PowerUp Event:

paypal powerup party

This line – Please do not make arrangements to come to the event as we’ll not be able accommodate your attendance – was just so downright rude! I’ve been invited to many events and this is the first time I have been told “please do not come”. And all this after I RSVP-ed saying I’m NOT coming.

Appreciating Malaysian customers? Yea right!


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