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Im currently running on lack of sleep and loads of coffee (Starbucks!) and sweets (McFlurry Oreo!). Can’t remember when I last had a good night’s sleep during night time. Currently taking 1-2 hr naps whenever i feel extreamly sleepy.

This was my past 2 days :

Wed: Got up back home after i was too tired and fell asleep at a friends place – opps sorry i made ur place my hotel at 3am and couldnt sleep so did some revision until 6am. Tido kejap then afternoon woke up again and study sikit2. Slept at 2am that nite (or rather thurs morning).

Thurs : Woke up at 7am and study while doing my 3ds max toystore (due on friday afternoon). Sent my sister and mom to LRT station at 9am. Left hse at 12 noon – after looking for a change of clothes for my sister and her mp3 player and my laptop – went to tapau nasi ayam, picked my sis from school at 1.10pm (managed to study a bit while waiting), and brought her along to uni coz my exam was at 2pm.

Went back home around 4.30pm, did some more work on my toystore. Picked the rest of the family at KJ at 8.30pm then went for dinner. Came back and panic kejap cause there was a blackout. Continued on the toystore till 2am.

Friday: Took a nap for 2 hrs plus. woke up at 5am. Worked on my toystore. At 11am got stuck, so went to uni and asked my fren for help. After he taught me some things, completed that bloody toystore and now rendering time….(ie : change the computer model to a movie clip showing the 3d models)

[2pm] Time Remaining : 55 minutes {okeh still got time}

[3pm] Time Remaining : 1 hr and 20 minutes {aik? mayb lots of stuff to render}

[4pm] Time Remaining : 2 hrs and 10 minutes {what the f.!!!!}

[5pm] Time Remaining : 2 hrs and 30 minutes

Time now [5.42 pm] TIme Elapsed : 2 hrs 03 minutes
Rendering Time Left : 2 hrs and 7 minutes

I give up…..

(leaving uni now to go and find food..hvnt eaten the whole day)


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