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Perfect Present for your valentine

When Valentine’s Day approaches, most guys start to worry. Not only is everything extravagantly overpriced but there’s also the question of what to give. Most of the time they just resort to the usual chocolates and flowers. Its nice, but here’s some additional ideas:

1. Avoid normal and boring presents. Oh you know, the things that you wouldn’t want to receive from anyone. Stuff like photo frames and mugs.

2. Give something handmade. It can be anything – a card, a small trinket or even handmade paper flowers (like someone mentioned in one of my previous posts). It doesn’t have to be perfect, its the effort that counts!

3. Give something personal. Something that is in his/her interest. If she likes tennis, buy something related to that – like a racket. If she likes cooking, buy her that newest cookbook by Nigella. If she likes computers, buy her a new one or at least upgrade her current one. Be creative!

4. Give her something she’s been eyeing. This one is really sweet because it shows that you really know her. Simple example: Some time ago, she tried on a dress/picks up a handbag and really likes it but puts it back from the shelf. For Vday buy it and give it to her.

5. Last resort : Get gift cards. If you really have no idea what to buy, but you know where she loves to shop, then get gift cards/certificates. Its the easiest way because then she can get exactly what she wants and you don’t have to worry about whether she’ll like your gift. Stores like Parkson, Metrojaya and Jusco all have gift certs for the shopaholic. And for the bookworm, Borders have gift cards.

Basically, every girls loves getting flowers but it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile and make the extra effort to get something special. For me personally, I like to get perfumes (but only the ones that I have tried and liked) because then whenever I used that scent, I’ll remember him. Plus they last long.

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  • Quickening

    Oh, I posted something like this ages ago! Personally, I’m just glad if he remembers Valentine’s Day anyway (hahaha!). Ever notice girls are more observant on guys’ gift than guys are about gifts for girls?

    Good idea on the ‘something personal’. My friend had been asking me what she could get for her driver boyfriend. If I suggest car perfume, would it sound too impersonal? :P

  • Edrei

    Well, what I’d do…and I always do is to cook something special. It doesn’t have to be an elegant candle lit meal, but if you have time between you two for that then why not? The plus side, you can avoid Valantine’s rush. Even better, you made it, she’ll appreciate it.

  • IcedNyior

    I think a car perfume is a tad impersonal lah. like something you got off the shelf. What about a gift basket of car accessories?

    Im so impressed with you. Handmade paper flowers and homecooked dinner? Wow!

  • aeroplane1234

    your comment make awfull lots of senses, but few of them just tak boleh jadi

    2. Give something handmade. the bitch will think you are such a cheap ass whom cant afford anything

    3. Give something personal. – she already know how cheap i am, lagi give her something that i already have ? she will think “this mofo is trying to throw his rubbish to me”

    4. Give her something she’s been eyeing. – sure death, women only eyeing on things that are above $3000. every year like this sure die!

    5. Last resort : Get gift cards. – i never get slapped before meh…..

  • IcedNyior

    you misunderstood my Num 3 about something personal. I meant like personal to HER. Something pertaining to her interests/hobbies.

    p/s: Your gf is so hard to please. Perhaps u should look for a new one. LOL! Most girls are happy if the guy makes extra effort

  • bella


    its been a while i didn’t celebrate Vday..
    for few years got single by choice..
    then got a bf, but he’s studying at Manchester..
    so, no coming back on Feb..

    but i did made him a box of coupons..
    design em and print em at kedai gambar..
    [so at least it won’t be a cheap A4 paper lah]

    in there? coupons that would make men happy :D
    not something like “let have sex” straight forward..
    but more like a teaser.. “chocolate splurge on me/you and licked clean” stuffy.. :)

    i think it includes from the notty, kinky, fun stuffy..
    to the childish ones like “playing kites together”

    the best thing is – NO DUE DATES! lol!

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