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Phase by phase

Early last month I wrote about the 2nd phase of my relationship. The first is the lovely dovey phase is where you getting to know each other and everything is perfect. There’s a saying that goes, “Even our fart smells like perfume”. LOL!

The second phase is when you start to bicker because all those little things that attract you becomes rather annoying. That’s when all the annoying habits start to surface and the fart turns stinky.

Then if you passed thru that phase, there’s the third phase where you learn to tolerate each other’s habits and also learn to talk it out with each other. I would say that I’m in the 3rd phase now. We’ve settled into a comfortable state where we aren’t too dependant on each other and learn to spend time together and also apart.

And the fourth phase, well, I haven’t been thru that yet.

I guess in every relationship its bound to be like that, many phases. And in each phase there is a possibility of things turning sour. For example, you might not be able to tolerate the habits or annoying stuff of your partner. Or you’ve settled into such a comfortable state that you get too bored of each other.

Best thing to do is to talk it out with each other or with someone else like a therapist. If you live in the East bay, here is a list of marriage therapists livermore.

Just 2 cents from a love newbie :P

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