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Some of my classmates, as you can very well see, smua pon laki :PRoti pisang
After reading su ann’s post about bananas, I was craving for roti pisang. The one at the mamak stall near my house not so nice la coz they like to potong2 their roti. Weird lah.

The Nike/Brazil promo thingy (i dont kno wat its called) at Bukit Bintang. Taken with Solarize mode. Funky coloursss

Central after dark
KL Central after dark, had to wait for my fren’s flight which was delayed from 4pm to 9pm to midnite. Finally met up at 3am at Central. Penat i tunggu siottt…

Nasi campur
My daily meal at LKW – RM4 nasi campur with ikan keli (i think) masak cili, sayur and some curry/rendang sauce. Mahal kan?

Im my previous post, I wasnt implying that being manja or romantic is weak. Its just some traits that I never thought that I would have.

But now that I think of it, lately I’ve been using my charms to get what I want. Buat sore manja skit to ask for favours, bat eyelashes skit, put on puppy dog eyes and innocent face skit and walahhhh…i get what a want.

Be it to get a classmate to send my assignments, to get my guy frens to belanja me, minta someone to buy me this or that, asking my dad for money but that I’ve been doin for ages, minta-ing my mom for favours….all is easily won over :P

hehehe…evil conniving biatch !! :P


I got exams starting next week so which me luck my dear readers :D

p/s: My friend is getting married end of next month. I think his invitation card is soo cool (but they made a mistake with the bride and groom thing) cool nontheless coz its online. Click here!!

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