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Playing tourist

Remember this post? Mag was in KL 2 weeks ago with her fiancee Tim and I played host by bringing them out a few times. I didnt want to bring them to all the shopping mall coz I know they can get there by themselves over the weekend while I’m in PD, so I decided to bring them sightseeing.

[Thursday] Tasik Titiwangsa
Firstly we went to Tasik Titiwangsa where the Eye of Malaysia is located (since i also havent seen it with my own eyes. LOL!) We went there early evening, the weather was perfect, not too many clouds, not raining and best of all, not hot.

I really like taking panorama shots now

Mag, the Eye and I (hey it rhymes)


KL in lights (view from the Eye)


Night Panorama

Prices are not bad. For an Adult its RM15 and child is almost half than that. Then you get like 5-6 spins on that thing. It stops while you’re up there for a while so thats a good time to take photos. There’s aircon inside so you wont pengsan kepanasan. Oh there’s a VIP booth which is around 200++ for like 5 adults or something like that, i forgot. Anyway I asked the guy whats the difference. Apparently they got soft drinks inside and the glass is tinted and the seats are leather and you can pusing2 longer.

[Thursday] Ivy

Funky disco ball – I wish i had one in my room

That night we planned to go to Zouk but since we were kinda late, we decided to just go pubbing at Asian Heritage Row. Oh A came as well and we met up with Aree over there. Had a few drinks and chit chatted. Aree stayed over at my house that night coz it was too far to send her back that night actually more like wee hours of the morning.

The usual boobie shot ( Tutup mata! Tutup mata!)


Areebabe and I :D

[Friday] Sunway/Putrajaya
We had to go send Aree back to Putrajaya so we decided to hv dinner kat Sunway. Picked Mag & Tim at KJ and proceeded to Sunway to eat at Hartz Chicken Buffet. Yum. All you can eat for only RM17++ and I really like their buns and chicken of course and mashed potatoes.

Stuffed with food

Then after getting lost sending Aree back to Putrajaya, we (A & I) decided to bring Mag and Tim on a tour in Putrajaya going to the jambatan where there was a lot of couples and then driving through the government buildings. It was all very nicely lighted up and very impressive-looking.

Night scene in putrajaya

I kinda like this photo

We then sent Mag & Tim back home and went back to sleep because we were goin to PD the next day.

[Monday] Genting

The lights! The lights!

Mag & Tim were going back on Tuesday night and we decided to bring them for Sate Kajang and Genting on that last night. So we picked them up from Terminal Putra and went to -where else? – Sate Kajang Hj Samuri at Gombak. Mag paid for our dinner. Thanks mag! Then we proceeded up to Genting around 8pm-ish.

Tim & Mag…aww so sweet

Mag & I posing atas batu

Fooling around with a cowboy hat

We went back around 12-ish since there was nothing much to do up there at night and everyone was so dead tired (I wonder why Mag & Tim could hardly keep awake…hehehe) so we sent them back to their hotel then home sweet home.

Mag, it was great meeting up with you after all these years. Funny when we laugh about those days in secondary school. I hope you enjoyed your trip this time around. I’ll be in KK in July for ur wedding. I promise :D

Pictures here >> http://picasaweb.google.com/IcedNyior/MagTimInKL


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