Post Graduation Sickness

I went to the clinic today since I’ve been having a bad sore throat and sexy voice since Saturday. My family and some friends have been laughing at my weird voice. Taufan asked if i screamed too much during my graduation. LOL!

Actually, its the combination of lack of sleep + heavy drinking at night. Today is much worse coz I can only whisper and when I swallow my saliva it hurts. Everything looks slightly swollen – especially the right jaw. Doctor said I have a pretty bad throat infection :( She then supplied me with medication for flu, fever, sore throat and also some lozenges and cough mixture

Oh, the family and I went to Cheras today to take my graduation photo with the family because my sister just got back from Thailand this morning. Can’t wait to see the final pics! I have to go down to Cyberjaya tomorrow to return my robe/gown.

One more thing, a new friend of mine, Hurley, just moved from vox to blogger so go over to his home and give him some lurve!

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