Price Hike on fuel, sugar and gas. Minyak naik lagi :(

Twitter has been abuzz all evening with rumours that the price for fuel will be raised.

MalaysiaKini put up an article around 6:19pm that said it will be 5 cents. In fact not only is the fuel hiked but the sugar and cooking gas went up too.

Below is the screenshot taken from the article:


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  • mindabudaya

    How dare them!
    That is just that to what is the thing that keeps popping out in my mind. each time i watched the news, surfing thru local news sites and even flipping on the newspapers, all that i just can’t seems to be chewing, spitting it out and throw them out of my puny middle class mind would be, the phrase ‘how dare them?!’ keeps popping out subliminally. Keeps me to think about it, and really think it outright, how dare them, really.
    They acted so irresponsibly, ignorant and straight out without considerations at all. it’s just keep come crashing and tumbling swirling out to me, how dare does this luckily elected government proceeds with these price hikes! after all the hardships we the public, after all the incoming certain crunch towards us the working class, after having to keep on to still be on our good thoughts towards how no significant developments or any achievements were made for the sake of us the citizens, still keep crossing our fingers that something good might come out of all these. out of all the heckling amongst the party politicians and people, out of all the by and side and whatever elections that keeps showing how public preferences are just not nudging their way and how their style of aristocrat politics and sperm-club based monarchist government are getting less and lesser efficient, they did finally throw the price hike towel direct to our plain drained of hope faces and tell us to kowtow to it and just suck it.
    Maybe it is just all too true. maybe it is just all to realistic, what the words on the streets are circulating, come next election, the ruling hat is not going their way but the 180 degree’s off their way. they really must have want that to happen really really bad. and for people like me who do still have their feel of awe and respect to their long withstanding portfolios, maybe its just the right time to have alternate views and start believing at what the oppositions are preaching on their stands. even though i do think sometimes what are they opposing at are a bit off, and do create confusion once in a while, more the worse this current governing party is even more out-of-touch with the people on the reality land and just outright insensitive to our feedbacks and pocket fillings.
    Maybe we should just be tasteless and just start spitting curses and sorts off on the street riots. maybe it is just the perfect dawn of time to shut off normal order of conscience and see how plain anger will affect their way of treating the people. after all, the governing politicians seems to be just all too well and good to let the people to suffer further in these hard times. why bother anymore?

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