Programming is like Sex because…

  1. One mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life. (Michael Sinz)
  2. Once you get started, you’ll only stop because you’re exhausted.
  3. It takes another experienced person to really appreciate what you’re doing.
  4. Conversely, there’s some odd people who pride themselves on their lack of experience.
  5. You can do it for money or for fun.
  6. If you spend more time doing it than watching TV, people think you’re some kind of freak.
  7. It’s not really an appropriate topic for dinner conversation.
  8. There’s not enough taught about it in public school.
  9. It doesn’t make any sense at all if you try to explain it in strictly clinical terms.
  10. Some people are just naturally good.
  11. But some people will never realize how bad they are, and you’re wasting your time trying to tell them.
  12. There are a few weirdos with bizarre practices nobody really is comfortable with.
  13. One little thing going wrong can ruin everything.
  14. It’s a great way to spend a lunch break.
  15. Everyone acts like they’re the first person to come up with a new technique.
  16. Everyone who’s done it pokes fun at those who haven’t.
  17. Beginners do a lot of clumsy fumbling about.
  18. You’ll miss it if it’s been a while.
  19. There’s always someone willing to write about the only right way to do things.
  20. It doesn’t go so well when you’re drunk, but you’re more likely to do it.
  21. Sometimes it’s fun to use expensive toys.
  22. Other people just get in the way.

I really liked the above list (which I cant remember where i got it from – somewhere on perhaps) but its true, esp for us programming “geeks”.


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Sorry kervin, i curi ur pic :D


  • rei

    walllaaaa..finally something cool to be commented.

    alright, my experiences with programming, there was a time when i tried to develop my own IM (instant messenger)…those day the most popular im was ICQ, sure u remember that…pretty cool features, specially the typing sounds…typewritter sound, that was cool.

    for almost 3 months, i only slept for only 3 hours a day. normally i start my day (huhu..) after dinner, then i put all my energy with 200% passion into my programming..learning new tricks and method..surfing the webs for better source code. i go to sleep at 2am..and get up at around 4:30 or 5am in the morning to do newspaper delivery.

    after getting back from work at 7:30am…i continue my programming till 9am, then go to another job…which was at some port, clearing stuff from contenna. then back at 2pm…go to another job…cut fishes at wet, damn..those days..3 job a day..pretty tough. when i get home..exhausted like hell…but still not good enough to beat my programming spirit.

    hence, i was failing at programming subject though…pretty weird, coz i thought theres no point typing to ur computer to make few things run.

    but to tell the hoping i can feel the same sensation again..the sensational feeling of programming, funny things was…its in ur mind 24/7, u dont talk point of talking..ur head is somewhere else, u wish u could do programming since u were in primary school and create something cool, u wish u were in the same position as shawn fanning and the hero of the generation,..yea theres many more..but the important part was…u always knew u had a goal to achieve and things to do, and the one that pretty sure was…u were feeling alive..huhu

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