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Projects and more projects

Perhaps I should talk about my projects. Since its just about all I’ve been doing these few days. Except for a few instances that I manage to escape this heavy weight on my mind and shoulders (and fingers) and take breaks.


First is my major project which is a timetable kinda of system where it  generates a timetable to match students & tutors for extra classes (tutorials) to help weak students. Static website done, now just waiting for the database part. Got munak to  help me on this. yey! thanks! such a lifesaver :*

Next is my Character animation project which I have to design a character – the Lego Man which I wrote about a week or so ago – which will tell the short story of how Mr Lego tries to escape from his box. Finished the character already. We just learned about skinning in 3dsmax so it should be time for me to start doing movement for Mr Lego.


Finally is my virtual reality project in which I have to design an indoor scene. What you see in the pic above (click for a bigger pic) is one of the two ‘rooms’ I’m creating. It has two stories with stairs leading up to the upper floor and the rectangle boxes are actually tiang.

The perspective of the ‘room’ looks weird because I havent added textures – which are colours and patterns – on the walls so everything looks weird. My friend says it looks like a dungeon. Come to think of it, he’s right. LOL!

Still got 1 more ‘room’ to finish. Then have to create all the furniture in 3ds max, import into my ‘rooms’, adjust, resize and move. Then hopefully I’ll be done.

Yea, three projects to complete in a month. Die or not liddat?

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