Conversations,  Laughs

pubic Public holidays & Bellybuttons

Some YM conversations I had recently:
Me: i was so confused as to why there was soooo many ppl in ikano..coz its a monday
incik amat: :P
Me: then i realized…its a pubic hol
incik amat: sultans besday
Me: opps *shocked expression* I mean….public *laughs*
incik amat: yup its a pubic holiday *gelak guling*

Hairy: i sit by a window in my office n the aircon seems rather underpowered
Me: hehe
Me: at least ur nipples wont be erect cos of the cold
Hairy: the heat are making other things erect if u get what i mean
Hairy: hahahaha
Me: i didnt kno the ‘other things’ was heat sensitive?
Me: i kno they shrivel up in the cold tho…ahha
Me: didnt kno it works viceversa…hahaha
Hairy: i was referring to the hair on my arms
Hairy: lol
Me: hahaha
Me: i tot hair all over reacts the same way…even hair on your buttocks…
Me: if u hv a hairy ass la
Me: hahaha
Hairy: woman
Hairy: im like king-effing-kong
Hairy: im all about hair everywhere
Hairy: lol
Me: ew ew ew ew!!!
Me: so disgusting
Me: chest hair turns me off…and when i see nipple hair, i feel like plucking them off
Hairy: u havent seen nothing yet
Hairy: i have bellybutton hair
Hairy: haha
Me: …..


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