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Rafflesia Chicken Hut

Rojak buah & Pandan Chicken Rice Iced Tea
Pandan Chicken Rice, Rojak buah and yummylicious Iced Tea

One day Pammye and I were deciding where to go for lunch. Then she thought of Rafflesia Chicken Hut in The Mall near PWTC. RCH is really popular in KK, Sabah. The two popular dishes are its Pandan Chicken Rice and Rojak Buah – which has this keropok thingy that I really like :P

Tried out the Iced Tea which tastes almost like the ‘zhen chu nai cha’ – pearl milky tea – minus the “pearls”. Its tea with milk and whipped cream on top. Really yummylicious! RCH at the mall isnt all that nice looking compared to the branches in KK. And it looked rather cramped at the end. But still, we managed to fulfill our RCH cravings.

After eating we headed on to Bangsar to do some eyebrow threading. Pammy wanted to try it for the first time and Im too lazy to pluck my own eyebrows so I leave it to the pros :P After that we were deciding where else to go and we settled for Amcorp Mall because I havent really walked around there. Except to the pool place upstairs and Starbucks – which is really the worst Starbucks I’ve tasted because they dont mix it right.

Went to see all the clothes butiques and all the other shops. Pam bought a really nice white bag for like less than RM50. After that we headed on to her house to pick up some things (because she’s staying over at my house tonite) and rested for a few hours.


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