Some time ago, I was reading Minci’s post titled Ever say hi to a celeb when I remembered the story about how i embarrassed myself by mistaking the identities of 3 different people. My frens were still laughing about it last week.

Oh, some time ago I wrote a post on RCH -Rafflesia Chicken Hu – which serves excellent buah rojak with crunchy keropok things and orginated from ]Sabah. Used to eat it a lot back in KK – coz we didnt hv places like Chicken rice shop. Anyway, apparently the owner of RCH googled rch and found my blog and decided to leave a comment. How nice.

More recently was Cass’s bf – Jib’s – farewell and birthday dinner at Apever’s House in Bayu Puteri. She ordered fried meehoon and a 2kg cake from me so I made a Mississippi Chocolate Mudcake and covered it with cream topping with chocolate shavings. Was really really sedap and moist and rich but not over-sweet. I shall keep this recipe for future use.

Me decorating the cake. Any one wants to order? RM 25 for 1kg. Its really nice even without the topping.

Pam’s fren recently sent a big package of sweets – jelly beans & licorice – from US. Shipping alone was USD37 (!!!) :o But the jelly beans are oh, so sedap.

I got an early birthday present from Pammy – a Marc Jacobs Stam bag. Thanks babe!! :*

Uber cute optimus prime & bumblebee papercraft. I posted about it in Get it —> [here]

Went to Ikea earlier today and they had no meatballs. NO MEATBALLS :(( and they’re not sure when they are going to start selling it again. They replaced it with this dish they called “Chicken thigh with Herb Lime Sauce.” DO NOT, i repeat, do not get the sauce. Totally yucky! :-& Try to get them to replace it with other sauces or omit it altogether.

Pam and Craig “Macha” Kannan striking the pouty pose (as usual)

Me learning to take light trails. These suck :(

Oh so happy my assignments & major project proposal – both due on friday – was all finished wed nite :D

Chot : Lerr baru sehari dua tak update laa :P
Pluginbaby : no, im not looking for a vpn tutorial, im looking for the downloading thru torrents thru webserver.


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