ranty ranty

I get so irritated when:

– salespeople follow you around like a dog and look at you as if you cant afford it {juz coz im young doesnt mean that I dont have money} and you’re going to steal their product.

– you’re in a full LRT train and some fat lady leans her whole back on the pole in the middle so much so that no one can hold one to that pole

he says he will call back but doesnt

– you want to order and they ask you to take a seat then they take ages to actually take your order. And when you ask the waitress for something, she juz gives this face and pretends not to see you. Waiteresses were rude & the service was slow. (Secret Recipe, MV)

– you plan to meet up with a friend for a movie but they didnt turn up. The excuse: was sleeping in the afternoon.(MV)

– you order a pot of tea and the waiter juz roughly puts it on the table, causing it to spill. The tea spout is also chipped. After calling the manager and complaining, the aforementioned waiter denies everything. Then you retort, “are you calling me a liar?” and the manager pacifies you with a free meal (Dome, KLCC)


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