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Rant : i wrote this uber long post….then my dad’s office laptop hang-ed on me. *annoyed!!*

*curi-ed from the offical website*

I woke up so uberly early by my personal standards that is on Thursday – 8.30am – and went down to the black box building in Cyberjaya. When we arrived, we saw a sign “Welcome Returning Students!! MDI Plaza *with arrow pointing left* and there I was wondering what the heck was MDI Plaza?? Registrations were usually at Hall of Fame i.e. Dewan Besar all these previous semesters.

After lining up at the LELC i.e. Business and IT faculty of LUCT to register and I chit chat with my Java lecturer – she praised me for my A in Java :D *hihihi bangga* – i had to go up to the Bursary i.e. Cashier to pay. Its 2 floors above the registration area in the something-innovative-design-something-gallery i.e a white hall with pictures of product packaging.

Oh I bumped into a few classmates as well. When I did an absolutly stupid thing. I mention something to my fren about his dad – absolutely forgetting that his dad passed away last semester. And I absolutely didnt realize till I was on the way back home. Felt really bad about that (but it was an honest mistake).

Kinda looking forward to the new semester – it means another step to graduation and also something to do. Its kinda nice having holidays, but too long makes my brain rusty. Im looking forward to this new sem with (hopefully) more friends.

I wonder if my frens last semester would act like they did last sem – suddenly ignoring me without me knowing why, and not even having the guts to talk to me to my face about it, even tho I thought that we were all adults and mature enough (they are older than me) to have a sit down and discuss it – but I doubt, coz some people never change their mentality (and also because I read a blogpost which mentioned about one of them not wanting to see certain people in uni which I dunno is referring to me or not, but maybe).

Oh well, all I can do is just act like it’s normal. Im not angry, just kinda dissapointed because I honestly sincerely dont know what I did wrong :( Oh well, small matter. Friendships are fickle anyway, everyone puts on a face and everyone has their own personal agenda. New friends can be made (even tho its kinda hard to do) and my real frens (most of them not in LUCT) are far more important to me anyway.

P/s : Pam, LUCT students may be bad, but not as bad as at ur collage. LOL!

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