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Reply from the best friend

I know that we have actually resolved this….but I still MUST give a reply. Blogger was down the other day so cant comment on the post itself.

Answer me this….when a person has to decide between his/her best fren and his/her bf/gf… do you expect that person to choose??

well, IF…and i stress the big IF here….the I even KNEW that the bf existed…then I would have never asked that person to choose. I would have tolerated the bf for the sake of my friend. And I didnt ask her to choose. She had already chosen. She was taking his side over mine, saying that I was the one who always made him angry, I was the one who made comments that annoyed him. Hello?!?! If you dont like it, tell me for fuck’s sake, I’d stop. Everyone who is close to me knows that im straight forward and that if they come to me and say honestly that they dont like this or that about me, I accept it and try to change.

It is just not logical at all and makes both the person as well and the gf/bf hurt and confused. Not only does the person feel bad but it makes it as if the bf/gf is to blame and that just isn’t fair.

It is NOT logical to be offended over a passing remark (like saying your car is messy or asking why you didnt do a certain thing a certain way). It is NOT logical to sneak around behind my back. It is NOT logical after an outing, to say that you want to go back early (because you’re “tired” or “have something to do”) but the actual fact is you want to send me back so that you can continue dating.

Yes…she SHOULD feel bad (evil as that sounds) because she should have known me well enough to know that all this has been avoided had she NOT made the option to lie. Im a very reasonable person (im sure most people would agree) but one thing that really ticks me off is being lied to – especially by someone close.

A best fren is supposed to support that fren and be happy that he/she has found somebody….not lash out at them and force them to choose. That just isn’t fair at all.

I actually suspected it a long long time ago (as did everyone else….do you think we’re blind?) and many people have been asking me about it but I said I dont kno. Then when I asked her, she said “No, we’re just good friends” and being the stupid and all trusting best friend, I believed her, no questions asked.

Now, you tell me, how can I be happy, if I didnt even KNOW that she found someone? So she gave the excuse that I “might not approve”. Even if I didn’t approve, I would still respect and support your decision. Its your decision and your life. I dont have the authority to make your decisions (and neither does anyone else).

The only reason I lashed out was that I couldnt see the reason why she had to be forced to be the middle person. If the bf didnt like it…he could come straight to me, not use her

Me of all ppl noes how this feels. It hurt big time to lose a good fren.

Im not so silly as to blow off a friendship because of some stupid like this. ‘Nuff said.

this just isn’t fair for any of the 3 of us…..pls just come back 2 ur senses again….i dun want to break up a perfect frenship….you know hu u r…i’m begging u….dun break up the frenship because of me.

Im NOT angry, I’m not pissed off. I am, however, VERY DISSAPOINTED. It goes to show how much she (and the bf) actually knows about me.

I wont break up the friendship but I hope that you dont expect me to go on as if nothing happened. I still cant believe that you dont even dare to tell me honestly. I think I need a little time alone now.

Its been a hard week. Not so much about the situation juz mentioned – that only constitutes 20% – but something else happened, something that reduced me to tears (something I havent done for a long time) and depression and feeling really crappy. Im so glad its all over.

On a positive side:
(1) I finished my website project juz that I need to change a few things because the ‘client’ byk songeh…keep wanting to change this and that. After it’s done, i’ll link it here.

(2) Managed to lepak with the Mosin gang after a long absence, went to a McD in Ampang. Ketawa like crazy

(3) I’m going out drinking tonite on someone else’s tab. Yippie!! free drinks :P what a great way to end a fucked up week.

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