Resolutions for 2010

I don’t really like to make resolutions for new year because then I won’t have to break any resolutions. hehe! But next year I’m planning to save some money because of all the travelling I’m planning to do. Kota Kinabalu Sabah in January, Perth Australia in April and probably more to come.

MSN Money has some tips on Ways to save money – stop smoking, drive less, get a roommate, etc – but personally i think it boils down to knowing when to spend your money.

About a quarter of my salary goes to my car insurance & loan, then petrol, food and entertainment. Guess I’m lucky that I don’t have a credit card so it lessens the hassle and problems. I choose where to spend my money – I really try to spend less on makeup and toiletries, so that I can splurge more on other things like eating out and entertainment – movies, jalan jalan, karaoke. Also I practice some saving tips like clip coupons & vouchers frm magazines, keep track of sales, know nice but affordable places to eat, and stay at home more to avoid spending money.

We’ll see how good I am at keeping this resolution. Hehe

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