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Review : Acer Aspire One 533 Netbook with wimax inside

Thanks to P1 W1MAX , I had the chance to  review the Acer Aspire One 533 powered by Intel and Wimax Inside.


Its convenience in a laptop. Instead of having dongles or long cables like many other wireless broadbands these laptops are inbuilt with the wimax modem INSIDE. No modems, usb dongle or wires.



The Aspire One 533 is powered by the Intel Atom Processor N455 and comes preinstalled with Windows 7 Starter. It has a 250GB HDD and 1GB RAM. It has a 6 cell battery which promises a long battery life.


I must admit that I seriously liked this netbook. Especially because of its small size = 10.1” monitor, 1” thickness & 1kg in weight. I can actually bring it around in my handbag :D

Also for all the times I brought it around, i think i charged it less than 5 times. The battery really lasts, especially if you put it on power saving mode.

The adaptor is also the Acer MiniGo one which is so much lighter and smaller than the usual adaptor that comes in 2 parts.

The speed is of course depending on the coverage by P1 W1MAX . You can call them up or check their website for coverage areas. I got almost 3MB in Sunway Damansara (thats close to the Sunway Giza) which is actually pretty good.


Got really good speeds in 1Utama as well. Friends were using it to watch youtube while we waited for other friends to come.

Even with 2MB, its so much faster than the Free wifi that most shops give. Also some shops don’t provide wifi so the netbook was really convenient.


Now the important question : How much does it cost?

The Acer Aspire One 533 Netbook with Wimax Inside is RM 1,499 which includes FREE P1 W1MAX service until 30th September 2010.

After this free period, you can choose to continue the 1NSiDE plan. As an early adopter, you get the benefit of paying a monthly fee of only RM 49 (usual fee is RM89 monthly) which has a Quota of 15GB.

Interesting yes?

This is something that I would buy if I am going to get a netbook. Thanks so much to P1 W1MAX for the opportunity to review!

For more information:

Check out their website –
Where to get –
Devices – more laptops/netbooks
Tweet them – @P1W1MAX
Call them – 1-300-800-888


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