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Set in Baltimore during the 1960s dance TV craze, a zaftig high school hair hopper, Tracy Turnblad, graduates from outsider to celebrity trendsetter and along the way she stars on “The Corny Collins Show,” wins the heart of resident hunk Link Larkin and kicks down the barriers for black and white integration on local television.
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What the hell is “zaftig”?!? Anyway, initially when Pam invited me to watch hairspray I was a little hesitant – thinking it might be boring but after a second thought, I decided, hey! it’ll be a fun musical and its really been a while since I watched a musical. The last was Phantom of the Opera (which im not really sure can be considered a musical) which my parents ended up whistling/humming/singing the theme song for the next few days – but that’s another story :P

This movie – come to think of it, it shouldn’t be called a movie but actually a musical – was set back in the 1960s with the big teased hair, teen bopper kinda music, puffed up skirts, and slicked back hair. And yes, the characters do burst into song every 5 minutes (quote from Jef, “more often than a hindustan movie”) and yes, they do dance around the set, pusing pusing and what not – only that they are not using saris. Haha!

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The actors were really good, the singing was awesome and the costumes were fantastic. John Travolta did very well in playing Edna Turnblad – Tracy’s mother (I cant believe Taufie didnt realize it was him til a few minutes after the musical started). Must have been really hard to dance in the fat suit. The songs were well written and the lyrics really brought more meaning to the musical. The costumes looked very authentic – ala 60s style – and I really really loved the costumes Queen Latifah wore.

This is really a heartwarming story about how the fat, unpopular girl (Nicole Blonsky) follows her dream of appearing on a dancing/singing TV show but is hindered by the blonde, popular Amber (Brittany Snow) and her fame-crazy mother, Velma (Michelle Pfeiffer). Along the way she makes friends with the african american Seaweed (Elijah Kelley) and his friends – even tho it was the time they had segregation (where blacks cannot mix with whites). With the help of her best friend Penny (Amanda Bynes) and her parents, Edna and Eilbur (Christopher Walken), watch how she manages to overcome all odds.

I give this musical my highest review. If you’re looking for a lighthearted movie to watch then this is the way to go. Just dont forget that it’s a musical and listen to the lyrics.

Rating : (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) stars :D

p/s: Ever wondered why you never heard about Nicole Blonsky? Because she’s a newcomer who always wanted to be in Hairspray since she was young. Read more here.


Oh btw, zaftig means “(of a woman) having a pleasantly plump figure” or “full-bodied; well-proportioned”.


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