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Review : P1 ToGo Mifi Modem MX230

This is the third post in a 3 part review series of the P1 Mifi Modem MX230. You can read my previous posts“P1 ToGo plan with MX230” and “Review : P1 MiFi on the go!”.

I’m actually quite sad to be ending my review and giving back the MiFi modem. Its like one of those things that you never noticed you had, but only after you had it then you realize its quite useful.

I’ve been carrying it out for quite a bit and I certainly feel that it’s a quite useful thing to have when you’re around. I use an iPhone but occasionally my telco provider runs into some problem and there is little to no connection.

The nature of my job allows me to occasionally work offsite and again, I found the Mifi device useful in this situation. Its faster speeds also suit the office projects where you need to get online (not if you only use word documents la! Hehe)

photo (1)

However, there is a small limitation to the P1 Mifi. It does not support high-rise buildings. My office is on the 21th floor and was unable to get a signal. I’ve asked P1 and the maximum level is 5-7th floor. Perhaps this would change in the future.

And now the most important question – how much does it cost?

The MiFi is under the P1 ToGo plan which is RM69 per month and the contract is 24 months. For the device, there’s a current promotion you can opt for the Personal 4G WiFi model MF230 for free or pay additional RM100 for the High Performance Personal 4G model MX230 (the one pictured). For more details on pricing and more information, click on the P1 Mifi page

Who should get it?

I think this would be great for students and working adults as well as people with multiple devices. Buying data for each of your devices can really add up and end up being expensive as compared to just getting one device. Also, if you always work while on the go, this is a better option instead of using mobile tethering from your phone which sucks up precious battery.


I think the P1 Mifi Modem is a good device to consider. I currently have data on all my devices under contract so I might not get it in the near future. But once my contract is over, this is something that I will think about getting. Not many internet providers I’ve used so far can have the same claim of P1 of giving 10Mbps speeds.

Disclaimer : The P1 Mifi Modem MX230 was loaned to me for a period of this review (3 weeks) and all my posts are fair and unbiased.

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