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[Review ] P1 W1Max Wiggy USB Modem

Recap: I was invited to the Wiggy Preview for bloggers 2 days ago. I wrote about it and had a few pics here. However the modem was not working so I had to go back and replace it.


So, I went to P1 yesterday to replace my modem from Janice (because Naomi was at the media launch). It was encased in a black tin box which is styled in a similar way to the modem itself. I like the box. More photos at the bottom of this post.

I brought my laptop to P1 to test the modem as well because I don’t want to go all the way through the Federal jam if it was not working again. Upon plugging in the modem, it should prompt to ask if you want to install the drivers (or go to My Computer and find the P1 drive).

How to connect : Open up the dialer (it should be a black box with the word P1 in it on your desktop. The dialer its the purple box on the bottom right in the Speedtest screenshot below. It should start detecting the modem. Wait if it doesn’t. Try re-plugging in the modem.

Connecting : I notice that it usually takes a while for it to detect the modem and get connected as well. Even in P1 office I had to wait a bit. In some cases, I only got connected after exiting the dialer then taking out the modem then re-plugging it back in.

wiggy speedtest

Above is the screenshot of my speedtest. This was in Bangsar Utama. The bottom right purple box is the dialer. Download – 0.99 Mb/s, Upload – 0.01 Mb/s, Ping – 153. I also ping’d google and got a few time outs but mostly it was okay.

Speeds : Surfing speeds were quite good. Youtube was not bad as well. One thing that I found was a bit weird is the downloading. I was trying to download something from rapidshare using IDM and I get fluctuating speeds. Something from 3kbs to 180Kbs. Its hard to say what’s the average download speed.

Conclusion : Based on my initial usage (so far) I’m quite satisfied with the speeds. Are you wiggy? ;)

Inside padding of the tin box

The modem itself

The old packaging

Pricing : According to saimatkong, this is the pricing for the modem

Monthly Subscription Fee (12 mths contract) = RM149 **
Fair Usage Threshold = 10 GB
Wiggy Portable Modem (1 yr warrenty) = RM299 (Upfront Payment)
Registration Fee = RM100 (Upfront Payment)
Activation Fee = RM60 (1st Bill)
E-Billing = Free (or RM5 for Paper Bill)

*Speeds are on Best Effort Basis
**RM200 Rebate on 1st Mth Bill (Limited Time Only)


  • lawrence

    For those who are thinking of getting the Wiggi please reconsider as I think the service sulks at least in my area in cheras.
    The Speed advetised is 10MBPS and in small prints says from 1MBPS to MBPS. Im currently staying on the 13th Floor and P1 said that I will receive inconsistant speed at that floor. They claimed that the service is up to 10th floor only.
    Yeah right if I had not been to Penang! In Penang I was able to get a bit more than 3MBPS on the 21st Floor which is fine for me and I told them of that fact.
    Now in the morning will get around 0.8 to 1.5MBPS but in the evenings I get less that 0.5MBPS.
    After logding a report for 2 weeks the technical team still has not got back to me.
    I believe it is due to congestion problem and also the poorly skilled technical man power in the installation of the base station and also support in KL as compared to Penang.

    • lawrence

      just want to update you guys that until now problem not sloved since last post.

      I think the time to give then chance is over and now the time is to complain to MCMC..

  • Jon Doe X

    WoOOoooOOoooW…….! can i say something about P! not P1?…

    I’m using long time ago…1st month everything very nice..realy..realy nice..speeds up to1.5Mbps until 2nd month onwward…hmmm u just get 100kbps or less…sometime 3kbps almost a day. U know what…if u wanna read ur email.. u have to wait 15minutes or more…sometime error on connection pls check ur internet services….

    Better thinks about it…now i loosing my head coz of P!.

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