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Review : Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian starts of some 1300 years after the Golden Age of Narnia where the Narnians were prosperous. Telmarines invaded Narnia and is now controlled by the evil King Miraz, who took the throne from the rightful owner Prince Caspian.

This movie – adapted from the 2nd book ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ written by C.S. Lewis – was more entertaining then the first. I thought the first was kinda draggy but this second movie was a good blend of good storytelling, action filled sword fighting and heartwarming scenes. I won’t say that its the best movie I watched, but its not bad :)

Bring the family, but make sure your stupid kid doesn’t kick the back of the chair in front. We were sitting in cineleisure’s couple seat when this couple sat behind us with a small kid who was noisy and kept kicking both of our chairs. The noise I understand, but the kicking? WTF! I even asked you to please stop but soon after that she started kicking again.

Rating: (*)(*)(*) 3 stars


  • Ken

    You should turn around, go to the back of their seat, and shout:
    …and give the kick of the life time to that kid. Let him feel…the madness.

  • neutronics

    lol… i’ve just watched… overall boleh tahanla.. pelakon dia still keras lagi.. jalan cerita pun tak berapa menarik in the middle of the story… but overall boleh tahanla..

  • LoLas

    i understand how u feel.. nang irritating la, even those who shake their legs & end up shaking d whole seat.. rasa mok tampa jak.. huhu.. blum sempat g nangga gik mv ya..

  • Icednyior

    I laughed out loud at your statement. It was a girl. I should have kicked the hell out of the parents because I already turned around and asked nicely to stop. If you cant control your kid, dont bring them – and most importantly, dont go and take the couple seat.

    Haah, citer dier mcm ok je. Nothing particularly fantastic. tp bf i kata budak pompuan yg tua tu dah besar tetek dier. Gatal!

    Beceh bah sidak ya. Parents ya la especially. Iboh embak la anak kitak ya. ishhh…I already told them to stop tp buat agik. benci

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