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.: Review :. The Butterfly Effect

I kno im a bit outdated….well okay, not a bit, but A LOT outdated.

I juz watched “The Butterfly Effect” on DVD starring Ashton Kutcher (yes, Demi Moore’s boy-toy LOL!) and Amy Smart (not sure who she is) but she looks familiar….

Anyway, so the story is about this guy (Ashton obviously) that can somehow go back to his past to change things. The thing is, everytime he changes something, someone around him suffers – either his mom, his gf, his gf’s bro or his best friend – or even he himself.

A bit of background. I liked the introductionary (sp) phrase given….it was about the Chaos Theory, not sure if u’ve heard it before that goes something like….a flutter of a butterfly’s wing can cause a typhoon in the other side of the world. To explain it better is maybe to imagine a stone thrown in a lake: a small ripple starts that continues and expands till it reaches the side of the lake. Meaning a small thing can make a significant difference.

So it got me thinking…what I do today does have its consequences. Mayb not today, or next week…but maby next month, next year, 10 years. Or mayb not me, not my family….but mayb my neighbours, or someone i meet across the street.

Like how if you say one sentence and the person hearing it is traumatized for life. That’s why i dont call my sisters by pet names, coz it sticks to them. Or if u say one wrong word and the person hearing it is offended. In my case, it happened juz yesterday. I was flirting with this guy on online pool and i jokingly passed a comment that he was a perv. Then he terasa and got all offended and he said it ruined the chemistry we had before that. It got to the point that he said he would want to say anything s*xual {have to censor it for those in Curtin to be able to read..LOL!} to a gal anymore. I felt so bad about it and kept apologizing but finally he didnt want to reply me back. :( I’ve learnt my lesson before that i have to keep controling this mulut laser of mine but i need to be re-taught all the time

So today, i’ll end with a poem. Yes, one of my own….written at the end of 2002 – before my senior year exams.

An Awakening Of ReasonWhen I look around me and I hear happy laughs
Of groups of friends happily talking and having fun
As they enjoy friendship alone at this corner I observe
I often wonder what’s inside behind the mask of mirth

Maybe some secret wound inside which no one ever sensed
Due to some hidden hurt someone inflicted on them
Then I think of the many times I failed to heal those wounds
Inside hearts of friends and family of which I might have caused

I think of times which I failed to brighten up your day
But instead making it worse by my actions or what I say
I realize now that I was wrong I looked like I didn’t care
I was heartless and cruel at what I did or said

So here all I want to say is I shouldn’t wait another day
To say that I really do care I’m sorry if it didn’t seem that way
Would you please forgive me?

Copyright 2003 CoCoNut^iCe

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