Road Trips


When I was younger, we used to take long road trips in my dad’s trusty proton saga. We lived in Miri (top right near Brunei) and would travel down all the way down to Kuching over the course of two days with a stopover at Sibu (somewhere near Sarekei on the map above).

The day would start early when it was still dark and my sisters and I would shower in freezing cold water and sleepily walk to the car hugging our pillows (we were mere kids then) and continue sleeping in the car. Some time during the day, we would wake up and stop for lunch. Then later we would play some word games like “I spy, with my little eye…”. I guess we should have played games like road trip bingo to see who can tick off the most road signs/landmarks in a line. One example is like the card below.

4245081262_fb7dece581 Its been a while since I’ve taken a road trip with my family, but my last road trip with a friend was to Melaka and before that Genting. Now with cheaper airline costs its much faster to fly, but still nothing beats a good road trip with the right people, be it family or friends. don’t you agree?


  • Phoebe

    Hi…my family is planning a road trip from Sibu to Brunei for the very first time. How many hours does it take for us to reach there? Will it take a few days? Thanks.

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