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{I have to censor some words in this post so that Curtin’s net nanny – Dan’s Guardian – will let ppl open my bloggy :)}
My bus schedule to uni has been moved earlier from 8.10 am to 7.30 am. Since my dad has to get to work before that, it means leaving the house after 6.30 am for a 9 am class (that’s the earliest class I have). Nuts isnt it?

Not only that, my morning class at 9 am was cancelled coz the lecturer didnt show up today (i think she’s on Hari Raya break). So i lepaked in the PC labs till my next class at 1.30 pm. I skipped lunch coz i had nasi lemak for breakfast {Shaun who’s in UK was SO jealous! :P}

…..hot gossip……but outdated….

A small number of ppl were online (on MSN) early that morning…around 9 am. But I chatted with this guy, B{Erin, rach, dont start teasing me yet! U gotta hear d rest of the story!}, from KK.

My history with B. He used to be my really close fren back in KK – so close in fact that ppl tot we were a couple. They’re so close minded. I really really liked him at one point of time….across a span of 3 years if im not mistaken {dont ask me how i managed to like him that long, i dunno}…but he never showed any interest even AFTER he found out during the last year. Then he got a gf a few months after he found out about me. And a few months after that it was time for me to move. Oh yes, he’s the same guy who cried when i left – i mentioned it in my earlier posts. Then after that we kinda lost contact and arent so close.

OK…he has asked me a few weeks back whether i still liked him. And i honestly answered no….havent been liking him for almost 3 years now. So we left the matter at that. However, today we had this conversation:

“did you ever that we could be more than best friends?”
him : “yes, i really did”
me: “What!?! Why didnt u ask me?”
him : “I was thinking about the future. If we got together and then broke up, our friendship will never be the same again”
me : “there is a small possibility that would happen”
him : “and I also liked k—- at that time”
me : “so u picked her instead….”
{they had a rough relationship which ended up with her hurtin him}

So….we did have a chance….but I guess he didnt take it. And I, well, I wasnt brave enough to ask him too. But at anycase, who goes into a relationship thinking about how it’ll fail? I guess its a blessing in disguise why we werent together. Why? Coz he indirectly cause a lot of probs to my family.
Well, its HIS LOSS, not mine :P And also a fren commented “who actually thinks about breakin up before even getting together?”

Oh yeah…he did say one thing that turned him off was my messiness {!?!}….then i came across this quiz online and did it..LOL!

Strategic Mess Player

To you, mess is inevitable. It will always be there, no matter what. But, hey, it’s all under control at least to you. You know what’s in each pile so it’s all good.

{I totally agree wif this…hehehe}

Back to my S * * post….
So there I was pondering about how different things could have been and chatting wif friends. Then we started a multi chat wif 6 ppl and somehow the whole messy conversation turned to s**. Oh, i think it was this guy who asked if gals could e j e c u l a t e {Im hoping that word wouldnt be censored} then we started this debate about it.

So there we were…..6 friends who had nothing to do on a weekday, late morning.

  1. I who is (in my own words) “educated but inexperienced”. Single
  2. My sis, who is younger than all of us by 2-4 yrs and same case as me. Single
  3. This gal who is having a long distance relationship (within Msia) with someone of a diff religion
  4. This guy who is also having a long distance relationship (overseas) and likes to watch p**n {den again most guys do, dont they?}
  5. This gal, a very very naive gal…..i mean she didnt even kno wat a “pussy” was
  6. This gal secretly dating someone of a diff race & having a superbly dirty mind

I think we were chatting for almost 1 hour about:

  • This stupid question posted in CLEO Nov 04 = “I think i have too much hair ‘down there’. Is this normal?”
  • The aforementioned question asked by the guy num 3
  • Whether ejc after s** outside the womb is considered abortion {one mutual fren insists that it’s true}
  • When is an abortion considered an abortion?
  • Who is v i r g i n and who isnt?
  • To trim or not to trim
  • STDs namely crabs…or p u b i c lice…eww!!

LOL….well, i was a lil late to class coz of the totally amsusing and entertaining conversation we had. Well, its educational {right Joe..ingat post u kat tagboard?} and im sure at least gal No 4 learned a lot of new things. Ahahhaha!!


Oh yeah…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISLA~! well, actually belated la now….sowiee…kmk sikda credit mok sms ko…nasib sik terlupa. Heard ko org ngan izzah & gretch gi clubbing malam tadi…uuuu…jeles kmk!!

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