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Sadly back in KL :(

I actually already wrote this blog halfway but accidently click publish then stop so everything wuz lost. dayymm!!

Well….sorry I havent been updating regularly. It’s kinda hard to update it when i have a week’s worth of things to write about. I wuz also in Miri, meaning to say I dont have internet access, unless i go to labs, which i didnt have the time to. And I’ve been sick for the past 3-4 days.

back to my last post, i did manage to buy fera a prezzie. It wuz a bracelet, a small cat doll in a box tied with ribbon. So we went out to San Francisco (the only coffee-bistro kinda place in Miri) wif a few frens and i got to know Man’ cousins and 1-2 other guys. then after that we went to play pool….well, i didnt really play…i juz watched them play…but i wuz itching to play. It wuz pretty fun with one of the guys actually requesting a song from the band (which wuz, btw, really bad and pok sampai melampaui batas sayur) and then singing the lead himself. I wuz impressed. Dunno why all my gal frens say he’s cute…i dont really think so…mayb different taste.

The next few days were kind of hectic with me running here and there in campus to settle my withdrawal & transcripts and going out at night for dinner or juz lepak in ppl’s hse or go watch movie. Depends on the day. Lola came down from Bintulu to Miri sometime during the week even tho she wuz totally short on money….ehhehe I had a shock sometime during the week coz Al came back from Aus without telling anyone, except JB. Had to give a double take when I saw him in student services….and vice versa coz he didnt know i came back.

On Fri we had a guy fren (name undisclosed to protect privacy) over for dinner and after that we did a facial on him. Which wuz totally amusing…hehehe!! but i think he liked the end results. ehehhe!! After dat, Lola and I went clubbing wif Isla, Littak, feli, gretch & Izzah which wuz fun coz i havent done it for a long time. Feli send Lola & I back coz we were playing pool…and i kinda left my key in Isla’s car so she had to come back all d way to send it to me…hehe! (Littak mentions it in his blog…sorry i made u go back late!!) I think we only slept around 7 am coz we were talking (gossiping) until we got so tired and fell asleep. Had a sorethroat & slight flu.

On Sat I woke up n I couldnt speak. I wuz croaking as i talked.
Dat nite we went out for dinner at Annie’s lil kitchen…which wuz of course very scrumtious, especially d dessert – chocolate pudding (which in my opinion is more like rich choc cake with choc fudge topping) – absolutely heavenly (and not to mention absolutely fattening and absolutely expensive). Den Isla, Fera, Andre, Lola, Heidi & I went to Fera’s place to watch Akademi Fantasia.
I can imagine a few shock looks on ppl’s face…coz i dont really watch these kinda shows….esp if it’s locally produced (can’t help it if the malaysian entertainment is lousy). In fact, i only know about Malaysian Idol coz my whole family is crazy about it…and i have an exclassmate (Nikki) in it. Anyway, it turned out to be okay…typical singing and the judges – there is always one bad judge, a very good judge and an emotional female judge (soooo cliche). No comment.

After that we lepaked at Mayang Sari (this malay coffee shop which my fren mistakenly pronounced as Sayang Mari which means “darling come”) wif Man and the guys. After that, Lola, Isla & I went to stay over at some fren’s place in Luak. His hse is really nice man and really big. Too bad he wants to sell it and it’s too far from town. We played cards, watch Vcds, drink, sleep…tho i didnt really sleep coz not used to not sleeping on my normal bed. hehehe!!

Woke up really late Sunday, and my voice wuz totally gone, had a potluck that night, so rushed to buy groceries…still in our clothes from the night before (none of us brought change – or toothbrushes for that matter). Totally simple, big faded tee shirt & shorts with selipar jepun and walking around boulevard..im sure we would’ve looked funny. Ahahha!! Lucky didnt meet a lot of curtin students.

Potluck dat nite wuz great…i actually invited around 40 ppl but around 28 turned up. Good enough. Understandable coz most ppl have class early Monday. I made spaghetti & Lola made curry…d rest brought other things….so much food…but didnt really eat coz not really hungry. Every1 wanted me to give a speech…but it wuz impossible wif my whispering voice. It wuz fun…we played cards, drank, shisha. mostly chit chat…..with me mostly listening…haha…cant be bothered to try talking. Al wuz the only person who gave me something – a laughing kookabarra (sp?) – from aus. I had expected some small token from others but nevermind, it’s no big deal. Hehehe! wat’s important is that they turned up :)

So I left monday nite and Isla, Meilan, Lola & Kim sent me off. They passed me a card from Heidi, a card signed by a few ppl & a candle from Dian. So nice :) I didnt cry when i wuz at the airport…but when i started reading the card in the plane, my eyes became watery….

Flight wuz okay, Miri -> Kuching -> KLIA using MAS. Had to sit wif these 2 chinese guys who were speaking in a dialect i didnt understand so i switched seats and had 3 seats all to myself…talk about leg & arm space. I sat at across the aisle to this old lady who looked like she never been on an airplane coz she looked so sakai at everything. When food wuz served (Lamb & pasta or Fish curry & rice – I took d lamb. MAS Catering serves good food. Yummy!!), she looked at mine with great interest and kind of stared at me eating. Freaky, but i juz ignored her. hahha!!

It wuz so cold that I felt really sick so went to the clinic after arriving in KLIA. Apparently my throat is infected….my voice seems a bit better now so the antibiotics are doing me good. ehhe…

Oh wel…dat’s it for the summary of the last week…i need to go to bed coz my dad is going to be awake in an hr or so and he’s goin to make some noise if he knew i havent slept!!

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  • isla

    yarabi..punya la panjang ur ur ur..i duno wat it cal la..ba actuali aku jeles ko pun blog..aku pun boring skali..da la sik pernah polah benda cam tok..ajar la aku k..ohya terharu akuko ada mention nama aku heheheh..take care ya mizz ya..

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