Shayna Zaid @ Alexis

i finally went for my first live performance (which is not in a club) at Alexis Bistro, Ampang at Great Eastern Mall.

Me: im goin for my first live performance
(=FAF=): What live performance?
(=FAF=): Petaling Street Blog Convention Presentation on Social Re-engineering?
(=FAF=): You sing?
Me: no~!
Me: thats someone else la
Me: bangang
(=FAF=): Hahaha
(=FAF=): But you said your “first live performance” so I thought….
(=FAF=): I thought you were performing
(=FAF=): Which surprised me immensely, to say the least
Me: ……

A invited Pam and I to Alexis, Ampang to listen to a live performance by Shayna Zaid. Who’s Shayna Zaid you ask? I quote from Alexis’ website :

New York based Malaysian, Shayna Zaid’s unique and mesmerizing vocal chords will captivate you. Her soulful voice is unmistakably powerful, yet tender, strong yet sweet, and mature beyond her years. Shayna’s genuine ability to draw you into her lyrical world will leave you grounded, uplifted and inspired. Her sound is commercially modern, yet authentic and timeless.
Source : Play@Ampang


I was soooo hungry coz i woke up late and didnt hv lunch or dinner. A smsed us to make sure we would be at Alexis at 9.30pm and we were there on the dot (which is like seldom :P) and he was still on the way :-w

Oh well, we went in first and drooled over the menu (it was my first time there) but decided not to order until the A and his friends came. Just ordered iced chocolate and stilled water i.e. plain water. Finally they all came -1 couple, another girl and 3 guys – and we ordered our food. The band (2 guitarist & 1 drummer) did the opening act then Shayna sang a few songs.

How was the night?

I liked Alexis because of the ambiance, such a nice place to have a quiet romantic dinner (not on weekends tho because it’ll be packed). The food was okay. I had the spaghettini seafood packet which came wrapped up in a paper (like for ‘tapau’ing lol!) and pam had the Alexis platter – slices of french loaf, lebanese bread, popiah, meat patties, dried tomatoes and various sauce. My pasta was kinda biasa but had lots of prawns (not the freshest prawns I had), mussles and sotong calamari. The rest had some pasta and chicken pie ( the soup with the pastry thing like in Dome). Pam’s popiah was too salty. The wine we had was quite good. We had like 2 glasses of white wine.

Why no pics? Num 1, it was a bit dark in there. Secondly, and most importantly, we were with a bunch of anak orang kaya – anak² datuk, young ppl who stayed overseas (Melbourne), young ppl who smoked cigars – so kinda segan to be like all sakai and taking photos.

Shayna Zaid is a really good singer and has a fantastic voice. Very passionate on stage and hyper. She has a sweet image. Her lyrics seem to be very close to her heart – to the point that she was in tears during one song.

We bought her CD and she signed it. Been ages since i bought a CD. LOL!

This pic is for you Al! :P I kno u think she’s hot
After that, A ajaked us to CynnaBar at Heritage Row so we went for a little while. Was kinda boring. Songs were not so good (plus it was house) and we didnt know anyone except A. Plus I got a bit offended by A’s remark. I said “Hey A, how many glasses hv u drank? See im finishing my first glass already.” and he said “Hold (control yourself) on the bottle, I bought it for someone else“. Well hello?!? You offered drinks for us in the first place. Cant you even make a more tactful remark? As if i’m going to finish it. I wasnt the only person drinking it okay! Damn rude for him to say that.

We went home soon after and stopped by Idaman to makan (earlier food wasn’t that filling). On the way back, Pam was camwhoring all the way, we even took pics when we stopped for a red light. LOL!



That wraps up my weekend. How was yours? :)


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