• Kabo Matenge

    that looks really bad! don’t worry, u will recover very soon, i rlly feel pity for you, u will be okay, just be patient!!!

  • Tyrissa King

    girl im so sorry for you chris brown should of never did that to you but look at it this way it was your fault too . ypu should of never hit him or threw his keys out the car you see thats your fault too so don’t exspect everyone to just feel sorry for just you honey but get well soon an you an my boi chris need to work out your problems on the real

  • tia

    man this shit krazy i cant believe that shit even if i seen it this world is krazy if you ask me. if anybody have any comments or question just hit me up at 757-323-6338. u kno

  • Sasha

    Haeyyy ‘
    CHRIS BROWN Is inocent ‘
    He Did not Do That To Her ‘
    ASK Thaa Victim First Befor Youu GUy ‘s Go Predictinqq Stuff ‘

    UGLY TOO ‘


    Umm Chris Brownn Loves Rihanna To Muchh To HIt Her Up Likee That ‘
    Love Youu Muchh Cris Brown ‘

    Any Way Sorry Rihanna Forr Youu Gettinqq a Hiddinq ‘





  • Kristen

    Hi i do indeed fell bad for you an him. I believe that it was just un reasonable for you to two get to fighting. I believe that you both are very great artist. I am twleve and go to J.J McClain in Lexington M.S. I might not know much but you to need to get back together. I asay sorry for Chris Brown And for you I hope you get back together .

  • danielle johnson

    rihanna you look tore the hell up girl………nd i understand where you are coming from and he shouldnt have did that bad of a beating to you…..my name is danielle johnson

  • britney

    It never ceases to amaze me how literally 100% of people I talk to initially believe that Chris Brown actually put those bruises on Rhianna rather than a master special effects artist.

    Think people…connect the dots and follow the money.

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