Got up bright and early at 10 am. Ate breakfast at the beef noodle stall behind Jln Alor (recommended by Dad). Walked to Times Square, Mag & Pris played at the theme park while Erin & I ate icecream. Then we went to the IMAX 3d movie theater to watch Haunter Castle, which was cool but not scary at all. Should have watched the Dinosaur one instead. It was RM15 per ticket and they give u these big specs to wear during the movie.

Went to Petaling Street by bus after that, walked up and down. Bought a roxy baby tee. Ate chicken rice. Inquired about tattooing at this tattoo parlour, very interested in getting one butterfly-tribal design on my right shoulder blade. Alex sent me a few designs that I really like. It’s around 100+ tho (depending on size and design) so I don’t think Im getting it just yet.

That night we went to Zouk and partied the night away. It was fun, but tiring – especially after the non stop walking-shopping-clubbing the past few days. Music was quite good as they had this Australian visiting DJ who mixed songs well. As usual Mag was the center of attraction for guys. Somehow I miss my Miri clubbing gang.

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