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First week break

Im currently busy with some website projects and startout my semester. Hope to update soon. Upcoming POsts :

  • An evening with jim brickman
  • Review : Dragon Tiger Gate
  • Starting out my semester
  • Boy meets girl, but yet…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [TIMESTAMP] 10.49am

Its almost the ending of my first week in uni and its my 2nd day here (coz i skipped my class on wed). Classes are so far rather boring considering that they are all jus introductions on the chapters that are goin to be studied and what textbooks to buy.

Classmates are the same but some still with that ignoring attitude (whatever lah, couldn’t be bothered since they dont want to tell me whats wrong). Classes are so bloody early – 9am but that means I have to get out of the house by 7am to accomodate my sister’s and parents timing and still be in time for my 8.10am bus. Sucks, but at least I only do it 2 times a week :D other days my bus is at noon, classes are at 2-6pm.

I think I’ll survive this semester :D


I still haven’t got my money from my part time job in late June- early July. Am currently extreamly broke (i have aprox rm15 left in my wallet till the end of the month) coz I paid for my Genting trip frm my monthly allowance thinking that I would get my money soon enuf. *sigh*


AM currently in the lab…my 9am class finished early. Am extreamly hungry and some idiot juz came in with a terrible Body Odor of smelly ketiak!! ew ew ew!! Am feeling really sleepy (couldnt sleep last nite so managed to sleep for 2 hrs only). I hope that my 2pm class will finish at 3pm so that I can take the bus back or else i gotta wait till 6pm. *crosses fingers*


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