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Sick today

Was sick this morning so didnt go to school. Anyway I only had 1 class in the morning 9-10.30 am so I would have been really late anyway. Got an MC from the doctor tho…hehehe!

Found this site http://www.geckoandee.com/idol/ which has clips of the Malaysian Idol interviews and performances…some really funny and others….umm…okla…LOL!

Current mood: very Bored
Now Listening to: “City Of The Cats” by Evenstarr – i’m in the city of the cats tonight and everything is shining all so bright first time in my life, the feeling seems to be so right i’m in the city of the cats tonight and I’ve been running round in circlesi’ve been blinded by the light i need you, I need you, I need you now
Recommended : http://www.geckoandee.com/idol/ – Msian Idol clips [5/10]

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