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SMS Scam Top Up RM30

Did you know that there’s a scam going on from an international number claiming to be a loved one borrowing a friend’s phone to ask for top up to a new number?

Azri’s bro received a similar sms from the number +62 852 15790148 on 24 Nov with the SMS as per below (left pic): “Ni mak guna kad orng, tolong isikan mak top up RM30 di nombor baru mak ni no dia 0178343217,pasal mak ada kes di balai polis, Boleh tak cepat sikit kirim top up”

sms_scam_2 sms_scam_1

A few days ago, I received a similar SMS from the number +62 853 42566573 on 28 Nov with the SMS (right pic) : “Ni p’cik guna kad orng, tolng isikan p’cik top up RM30 di number baru p’cik ni nom dia 0128132863,pasal p’cik ada kes di balai polis boleh tak cepat sikit beli.”

FYI +62 is the country code for Indonesia. And when you call the listed local number, you will be directed to an indonesian language voicemail.

Here’s the list of numbers, do drop a note if you know more

  • +6285215790148 – 0178343217
  • +6285342566573 – 0128132863
  • +6285250887592 – 0128271042 (credit : Prasys)
  • +6285342566594 – 0128132863 (credit: @rognales)
  • +6285227681485 – 0128011374 (credit: lonjan)

Do be careful when getting weird messages like this. Make sure you check with the respective people. Google the number if possible and report to your local telcos about this.

For Digi numbers :
Tweet their twitter handle @Digi_telco with the number and text and they will add it to their anti-spam system. (Refer : here and here)

For Maxis numbers :
Please report any scam messages to (Refer : Maxis FB)

(1) Added by Prasys (pic below). Message received 28 Nov from +62 852 50887592 : “Ini ayah Tlong bagi credit mexis 30RM ke nombor baru ayah 0128271042 ayah lgi ada msalah kat balai Police. Pasalmane ayah btuh skrang.”


(2) Added by @rognales – “Exactly the same with ur ‘pakcik’. msg & no to topup. only sender is different. +62 8534 2566 594. no screengrab. s40 maaa.”

(3) Added by Lonjan in the comments below – +6285227681485 – “Tlong bg kredit mexis 30RM ke numbor baru ayah 0128011374 Ayah lgi ada msalah kat balai police.ta payah caal sekejap ayah call”


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