yeah, juz a short update…I’m going to get my coloured contacts tomorrow (I hope!) its green, will take beautiful pics of my eyes when i get it…LOLz!

And my business management test was postponed from Mon to Wed – and i still am too lazy to study. Will study tomolo afternoon.

On Monday, I met that classmate of mine who was coming on to me too strongly on Fri nite. Doubt if he remembers anything, but he did purposely sit next to me tho. And touch my shoulder at one point – before we hardly even talked.

Didnt have any class on Tues, so juz lepak at home……

I finally managed to meet — online today and chat for like 1-2 hrs. I miss him….

I kno u guys are wondering who — is….well, all i can say at this moment is that we have never met, but we are pretty good friends considering how short we’ve known each other….and we’re meeting up end of this month, so I’ll see how it goes…
Current mood: Wondering
Now Listening to: “First Love” by Utada Hikaru
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