Some random questions

I just remembered that I had this in my draft so thought it doing it. Sorry uncle frog! I know this is one month late. :P

1. What is your fav chocolate? Ferrero Roche (so cliche, I know) and Cadbury – esp Cherry Ripes (only available in Australia), Old Gold with almonds (this really awesome rich dark choc) and Black forest

2.what is your 3 fav colour? Blue, red, black

3.who is the last person U talked to? My sister, before she went upstairs

4.who is the last person u msged? a fren

5.who was the first person u talked to when u woke up today? My dad who woke me up

6.who is the first person u msged when u woke up today? Najmi also many msges u received when u woke up today? Two because I slept early and switched off my phone

8.who msged you when u woke up today? Forum friends

9.who do u wanna talk to now? no one in particular

10.who do u wanna see right now? No point seeing the person who doesn’t want to see you

11.why do u wanna see that person now? refer no 10

12.what relationship are u with that person u wanna see now? nothing, nada, zilch. Not even friends, the last time i checked

13.if u could hug someone now. who will it be? Grace

14.what are u doing now? Sleepily trying to finish writing my overdue posts

15.what colour shirt are u wearing now? White T-shirt with Dolphins that I got from langkawi

16. are u attached? no

17.anyone u like? romantically? none

18.who do u like? refer no 17

19.what phone are u using? Sony Ericsson K800i much money do u have in ur wallet now? about rm20+

21.what do u love looking at? Smiles on people’s faces

22.who is the last guy u hugged? Jef, who wished me happy birthday

23.if u can choose to do something now. what would u do? Sleep – which I’m going to in a bit :) are u feeling now? reminiscing about the past 23 years of my life, especially this year.

25.if u can turn back time 3 times. where will it be? (i)Primary 5 & 6 in Miri (ii) My days in Curtin Uni (iii) January 2008

26.who are u thinking of? My gal pals. We’ve been hanging out less often lately

27.what is the 3 things u want to forget? I dunno which is worst, forgetting it never existed or never having the chance to experience it

28.who makes u happy? Me, myself and I. Only I can choose to be happy or not.

29.what is next to you? My Phone

30.last show u watched? House M.D.- Season 5 episode 1 many people are u talking to now? No one, I didn’t switch on my MSN/YM

32.if u can change something in ur life.. what will it be? Im actually quite happy with my life now u have pets? Two hamsters :D

34.what do u feel like eating now? Chocolate or cheese fondue

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