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There are so many ways to make money for your blog nowadays. So much so that some greedy people actually just open a blog with posts that they copy pasted from articles just so that it looks like they have a blog which they can put in all sorts of advertisements and paid posts.


However, I would like to introduce you to another great way to make money via your blog. Its perhaps the first website for bloggers that not only makes money but also create a social network.


Don’t you hate it when you see a nice opportunity that you like but then its all reserved? Sometimes the opp might feature something that you’re really interested in but then there are no more slots. However, with SocialSpark, you can reserve opportunities that you want. Yes, even though they are no more slots, you can reserve a slot. Then you will be emailed when one is available. No more waiting around and refreshing to hope there’s a slot.


The best part is, for every opportunity, you can see all the previous posts that other bloggers have written. Its really good for getting some ideas on how to write the post. Not only that you can also see comments that other people have made regarding the opportunity. Isn’t that a good way to get to know more blogger friends?

And did i mention about their code of ethics. Not only does it have 100% audit-able in-post disclosure, there is also 100% transparency. They also ensure that all posts are 100% real opinions and 100% search engine friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? Spark up your blog today with SocialSpark :)

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